Mount Fuji

A performance made by RebelRebel´s experience of walking up on the top of Mount Fuji. Their plan of seeing the sunlight come up did not work and they ended up standing in a line for 3 hours to make it up to the top. There was raining and it was cold, almost like an Icelandic autumn weather; they explained. 

The performance is inspired by Japanese dance history, traditional and also contemporary. The minimalistic movements and at point only facial movements are demanding on the performer as she is not used to such a minimal dance. It´s a conflict between bodies, culture and phisical experience.

Performer: Ragnheiður Rebel                                                                                                                                 Text and spoken sound scape: Snæbjörn Brynjarsson                                                                                         Sounds: Friðjón Guðlaugsson                                                                                                                           Visuals: Ragnheiður Rebel